Patriotic Service Dogs- A heart felt thank you


To the “Family” at The Stanley W. Ekstrom Foundation from the Kulczyk Family, 

    It is with a grateful heart that I write to you to thank you for choosing to sponsor my family through The Patriotic Service Dog Foundation.  Your organization supports so many wonderful causes and it means so much to us that you would even consider extending that generosity to help us as well.  My husband, Kyle, has served in the United States Marine Corps for the past 13 years.  Like your founder he has dedicated his life to caring for and protecting those around him.  From his family, to his friends, to his brothers and sisters in arms he always makes it his personal mission to secure the safety and well being of those in his life.  There is a quote by George Bernard Shaw that says “The true joy in life is to be a force of fortune instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.”  My husband is the definition of this.  He has faced many hardships in his life and has been through things more horrific than I can even imagine.  However he does not sit back and expect anything from the world.  Instead does the best he can to make the world a better place for those around him.  Suffering from PTSD can make this difficult as things he enjoys doing can also be things that put him on high alert. Over the years I have seen him withdraw from things he would have previously enjoyed due to the anxiety that comes from being in those situations.  When the opportunity for him to go through The Patriotic Service Dog Foundation came up we were beyond excited and hopeful.  We knew that a service dog would be a game changer and boy were we right.  Since meeting with Tom and Terri and beginning the training I have seen huge improvements in his anxiety.  The biggest turning point was when they suggested Kyle pair up with Reveille.  She is a beautiful, brilliant dog and the bond that her and Kyle have was immediate.  She is so much more than a dog to our family and especially to him.  She gives him a sense of strength and security that he had not seen in himself in a long time.  With her by his side he is getting out and enjoying life more than ever.  This is not only a benefit to him and my family but to the world around us as Kyle is a true force of fortune to everyone he comes in contact with.  Without the support of generous organizations like yours this would not be possible.  From the very bottom of our hearts we thank you for also being a force of fortune and for going above and beyond to make the world a better place for so many people.