Make a Wish foundation- Another wish made


Austin K, he is 16 years old he was diagnosed with bone and tissue Ewings Sarcoma a rare brain cancer over three years ago. The doctors, and all medical people involved told him he had no chance of survival and that he would be dead within a year. All of his friends dropped him because he was so sick and he had to be completely alone for up to twenty days at a time while doing blood infusions and was not even able to have his family visit during these periods. He continued to study in the hospital and got straight A’s due to his determination. The one thing that kept him going and gave him the will to live was humor and his fascination with Rome. He studied all aspects of Rome, art history, architecture, the history, the food, the culture, every aspect of Rome was his God sent. With that said, it was his biggest wish to see Rome in person. With The Stanley Foundation we were able to grant his deepest wish to go to Rome.